New York’s Transportation System Is In Full Blown Crisis.

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New Yorkers on why we need congestion pricing to fix our broken transit system

New York’s transit riders are suffering the consequences of a system that is collapsing before our very eyes. After years of neglect, incompetence, endless cost overruns and delays on big transit projects, commuter confidence is at an all-time low. Finally, there is a practical solution on the table: congestion pricing, a plan that can raise funding to fix the system, while reducing traffic in and around the City’s central business district.

Fix Our Transit is a coalition of transit experts and advocates and leaders of environmental, business and labor groups that fully back congestion pricing as the cornerstone of any transit funding package. Our elected leaders in Albany must pass this plan in the coming 2019 budget session.

Why Congestion Pricing


Every day in New York, people have to worry how traffic or transit delays will affect them. With congestion pricing, New Yorkers will see less traffic and better trains and buses, and can reclaim time lost for their jobs, education, leisure and families.

  • With over $1 billion in annual revenue from congestion pricing pumped into our subway and bus systems, and meaningful input from local communities as to where these new funds should go, New Yorkers will see a real impact on their daily lives.
  • Congestion pricing also means jobs. Adopting congestion pricing means creating an estimated 30,000 good-paying new jobs – largely through construction, operations, maintenance and manufacturing.
  • Less gridlock means less pollution, improved air quality and lower asthma rates, which historically have disproportionately afflicted children in low-income neighborhoods.

Behind the Cause

Our Supporters

The Fix Our Transit campaign unites over 100 business, labor, environmental, transportation and justice organizations with a shared commitment to fixing and modernizing our broken transportation system.

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